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Knit and Crochet Sunday 10 Nov 2013

The bag is fully crochet and the choker and wrist cuffs are a combination of knit and crochet!

All hand made in cream acrylic yarn.

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Chunky wool, crochet throw in red

Can be make in white or green
(for sale)


Broke 3 sewing machine needles today… and I feel like warmed up death… … but I got the dress done though… …

I then threw one of my hand-made crochet throws I made on my last Crochet Sunday, over it… with this cute choker I crocheted yesterday and this is the result!

(The dress is my size… not Qin’s size)

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Crochet Sunday - but I finished this today :)

I have been practicing crocheting with different types of yearn and smaller hooks. This is a red neck warmer, a lot like the first white one but better lol

Yuuko Ichihara Inspired

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I am not well so I was making mini shoulder throws today…
This is the one I am making for my mother… not yet finished… made a choker too… looks ok so far…

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